This is 26: 19 Things I’ve Learned & Accomplished

Today marks my twenty sixth birthday. It gives me slight shutters saying that aloud. I remember at a time when I couldn’t imagine being a quarter century and now I’m on my way to thirty. Fretting aside, my twenty fifth year allowed me to experience and accomplish some great things… here’s to next year’s adventures!


1. Blogged… a ton (44 posts in 2015)
2. Consulted for a total of three unique companies
3. Took up HIIT for cardio training
4. Reached my savings goal for the year of 2015
5. Determined my values (Top values include Leadership, Honesty and Kindness of 24. Learn yours here)
6. Hosted a number of friends and family members at home
7. Threw out my five year plan! (I forced it and I find working on one year plans via visioning is so much more beneficial for me to both complete and reflect on)
8. Left the guilt behind in regards to ditching some friendships. I have high standards and when values and focus don’t align, why fight it?
9. Booked a trip to sweet Montreal
10. Started a new career in a management position
11. Followed in my Red Seal certified, journeyman baker mumma’s footsteps… I took up baking!
12. Tried rock climbing for the first time ever
13. Started blogging for TEDxStanleyPark
14. Moved in with B in May and celebrated three years together in February
15. Finally found a volunteer worthy charity
16. Competed in a fitness competition
17. Took up watching football (I’m partial to the Bears and Bengals)
18. Went indoor rock climbing for the first time and loved it!
19. Spent an extended weekend in Calgary which just might become an annual tradition


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