Friday Five Moments

What a whirlwind two weeks it’s been! Last last weekend was spent celebrating my birthday amongst close family, while the next weekend, Easter, was spent in Montreal. Here are a few of my favourite memories from turning another year older. This weekend I’m off to the Island retreat. Enjoy your sunshine filled weekend!


Whispers | I received a mass amount of birthday messages, but these cards sealed the deal. Inscribed with sweet words, they’re a memory of what matters most, and that’s family.


Beauty Bar | These pink jelly beans accompanied a gift card to one of my favourite Kitsalano beauty stops. I look forward to stocking up on Voluspa candles very soon!


Salts & oils | B’s mum picked me up these local goods as she knows my appreciation for salts and oils. The salts, balsamic vinegar and orange lime, accompany roasted vegetables and rice perfectly while the oils and vinegars are tasty for cooking with and dressing.


My wish | This moment was captured while I wished for absolutely nothing; with my family around there wasn’t much more I wanted this year.


Perfumeries | B, my mum and sister picked me up these two beauties: Gucci Rush, released in 1996 is an intoxicating oriental floral ideal for nights out while Si is blackberry filled and ideal for daytime. I highly recommend both for high quality long lasting scents.


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