TEDxStanleyPark: Speaker List Additions

TedxStanleyPark is growing near, and the speaker list is growing too! With the confirmed presenters gaining traction from 10 to 15, this event continues to add excitement.

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This week, I’m sharing the top 5 speakers I’m most looking forward to:

  1. Galya Westler, technologist, entrepreneur and the founder of 2Galvanize Ltd. will speak on about two correlating concepts: technology addition and loneliness.
  2. Ryan Phillips has a decorated past as a former professional ice hockey player and drug smuggler. After serving times in the States, Phillips started a clean slate focused on health and happiness. Phillips started the worldwide movement, Return to Happiness, with a purpose of making the world a better place.
  3. Speaker Kieron Sweeney will discuss the concept of financial security if taught from an early age. Sweeney believes that most people could be “financially secure if they were given the proper how to education as a child. This talk will challenge the school system to revise its curriculum and teach children a financial foundation to guarantee their financial security.”
  4. Isabelle Mercier’s presentation starts with a stark statistic: “95% of North Americans either go to bed or wake up worrying about something; and worrying is the #1 bulb dimmer and performance killer of all time.” Mercier, a brand strategist, will reveal her “simple but powerful model to decrease worry and increase peace of mind.”
  5. Maureen Mcgrath will speaker about the relationship between love, marriage and sex. Are they all possible? Where has the lust gone from modern day marriages?

Give yourself the gift of personal and professional development, create new friendships and be part of something bigger. Learn more and save $20 on tickets by entering the promo code, Deana, upon checking out. See you there!

TEDxStanleyPark takes place on May 28, 2016 in front of 2,640 audience members at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.


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