Friday Five Moments

May has been good to me. After a sushi date with a previous boss, shopping with my aunt, dinner with a long time Victoria friend, dessert in Victoria with my Calgarian friend, a leisurely Sunday coffee and an extended brunch with my high school friend, I am feeling blissfully pleased with the amount of social time I’ve had as of late. If this is a precursor to summer, bring it on.


Grizzly Grouse

Hibernation | A few weekends ago I headed up Grouse and after questioning B whether the grizzlies would be awake yet, they, unbeknownst to us, had woken just hours earlier. I love the gentle giants, their massive paws and jiggly fur covered coats.


Little love

SPCA | The truth is I love animals… B, not so much. He surprised me Sunday morning with a no time limit visits with the dogs, cats, bunnies and birdies of the SPCA. Although I left empty handed, I plan on making my visits monthly and cant get over the fact that he planned something so special just for me.


Patio peonies

Peony pink | My friend Catherine and I dined alfresco a few nights back on my patio. Our pre-summer salad was accompanied by pretty petals she picked up that are still brightening up my side table.


Summer sips

Tea time | My friend Joce and I met up this past weekend in Victoria. She currently resides in Calgary while I live on the Mainland. Our evening of dinner and dessert was sweetened with this tea set from David’s including hand picked teas: Nut, Strawberry Rhubarb and Chocolate Macaroon


Pals in politics

Pancakes with a side of politics | Yep, that’s a old time friend of mine Artour spending time with Canada’s very own Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. At 24 he’s got his undergraduate, Master’s and is working on his second Master’s (plus he works in on Parliament Hill). Spending time with those that inspire me and enlighten me is time well spent.


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