Friday Five Moments

May has been the busiest month of 2016 for me. This weekend has me executing our company milestone event at Hastings Racecourse, live streaming TedxStanleyPark and juggling planning a dear friend’s 40th birthday and dressing a wedding party. Here’s to an eventful few days ahead!


Fig season

Fruit trees | My Baba’s place holds a special place in my heart. I’m non stop nostalgic when I visit her after years of sleepovers, summer bike rides, running up Mount Doug and enjoying her garden. I can’t wait for the short lived fig season.


Day on the farm

Fantasy land | B and I spent May long weekend on the Sunshine coast visiting with his family and enjoying the new farm filled with fainting goats, three horses, Harlow, a miniature horse, soon to be piglets, a farm pup and cat, too.


Cupcake quad

Iced | Can you go wrong with wheat free cupcakes in flavours like chocolate, coconut vanilla, carrot cake and banana walnut? I’d say not.


New friends

Harlow | As mentioned above, this is little, gentle Harlow. This photo was taken just moments after a 900 pound horse stepped on my big toe. Mind my sneaks (they surely weren’t part of my outfit!)


Sweet smell

Rosie | B has been sick at home this past week on a formal doctor’s note and didn’t fail to impress me by meticulously cleaning the entire apartment, bathtub, dusting, even kitchen drawers, and picking me up this pretty pink rose to add to our space.


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