Friday Five Moments

The weather in the Lower Mainland rings true June Gloom as of late. I’m battling my first cold of 2016 and planning on a low key weekend of a visit to the dentist, chiropractor and my aesthetician. Plus, B is making me curry chicken Saturday night. Hope you feel better than I do!


Boat bound

Pedaling | A few Sundays ago, in the scorching 34 degree heat, B and I knocked one off of our joint summer adventure list and rented a pedal boat at Deer Lake. It was so relaxing to be out on the water among the birds and fish.


Typical shenanigans

Quarry | My adventurous friend Lisa and I joined forces with my work colleague and her friend for a morning hike up Quarry Rock. We paced ourselves through the wicked heat, grateful for the trees, and topped the afternoon off at a local cafe in picturesque Deep Cove.


Three generations

Because,  burgers | I spent last weekend on the island to celebrate a friend’s 40th along with my stepdad’s first triathlon. A weekend of burgers, volunteering and time spent with loved ones has me more grateful than ever for the health and wellness in my family.


Girls group

40th | The theme was all black and gold everything for our dear friend Christine’s 40th birthday celebration in Victoria. Wishing her a magical year ahead!


Sweet feet

Summer flats | I lucked out and scooped both of these in the same day. With my recent wardrobe additions I realized a gap which needed to be filled with summer sneakers. These two complement the majority of my outfit colours and work perfectly with shorts, rompers, dresses and denim.


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