Product Feature Friday: Aquis Hair Towels

My hair was lucky enough to test try  the Aquis hair towel and hair turban this past week. Since trying the products I’ve been left wondering how I made it this far without these two wash closet additions.


Turban to Towel

Let me start by saying that I have not towel dries my hair in ages. Drying hair with a regular towel can cause frizz and damaged to delicate hair like mine. My post shower routine usually entails loading on reconstructive, heat protective products and oils before letting my tresses dry 15% or so. At that point I gently brush, and air dry fully. The Aquis hair towel and turban products changed that dramatically.

The hair towel (pictured the the right) is a luxurious texture and the absolute perfect length for medium to long locks. I swaddled my freshly washed hair into the soft surface, in a gorgeous detailed white material, and manically jolted around the kitchen one weekday morning between sips of coffee.

The chevron turban is a sight for sore eyes. The gorgeous heather gray design looks so pretty draped on the back of my bathroom door. The turban features a loop and button to secure it in place which makes it incredible for multitasking (for those of use beauty obsessed, mums, hair stylists and so on).

Finally, the only colour of distinction on the towels is the pretty orange label woven onto the towels which is also looped on to merchandise the products in stores and doubles as a hair elastic.

If you’re local to Victoria, British Columbia, stop by Nova Beauty for your hair towel and turban.


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