Friday Five Moments

It’s the weekend again! After a crazy Canada Day long in the Okanagan, I’m looking forward to reconnecting with a few girlfriends over an early dinner this weekend, finishing up the fifth season of Suits and getting acquainted with my new gym. Here’s hoping for sunshine!



Homewares | B and I ave been on the hunt for a chic recycling storage and garbage can for longer than I’d like to admit. We finally stumbled upon this adorable and functional in width and height container, and cute robin’s egg blue can.


Such great sights

Sick | I spent last week run down with a cold leaving little energy for more than work. After a particularly trying day, I got home to these soft pink hydrangeas which instantly lifted my mood.


Perfect peach

Grapefruit | This Essie shade, Peach Side Babe, is a creamy peach from the company’s summer 2015 line. It’s just right: not too coral and not too opaque.


Salmon varieties

The Flying Pig | I’m all about trying new restaurants right now. B and I hit up The Flying Pig Olympic Village with a few friends on Saturday night. I had the salmon platter, pictured above, and delicious crispy brussels sprouts. Next up is Hamilton Street Grill.


That new new

Tech | It’s been way, way too long since I’ve upgraded my phone. I’m an indecisive person by nature so the choice to invest in a phone was a tough one. After many consultations with a tech minded pal of mine, I finally took the plunge. My Nexus 6P arrived this week and I’m hoping it’s all I imagined and more.


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