Friday Five Moments

This week completely flew by, likely in part to the Monday’s BC Day. I’m knocking off a few more of my summer to do list items by doing my inaugural Grouse Grind hike this Saturday, then heading out for a dressed up dinner with friends to celebrate our accomplishment. Sunday sounds like a recovery form the hike, an additional workout and a pedicure to top off the weekend. Enjoy yours!


Deana’s garden

Pink ombre | My girlfriend who lives to the east planted this beautiful collection of flowers with her significant other and named it Deana’s garden. Needless to say, I’m smitten.


Summer sunsets

Farmland | BC Day long was spent on the pristine Sunshine Coast. This photo was one of my favourite memories of the weekend: dinner on a farm, watching the sunset.


Turn up the beet

Share plates | B and I order this beet salad last week as shared appetizer. He opt for the cheese, while I was impressed by the unique summery tasting vinaigrette on the arugula.


Deep Cove

Weekend tour | A good friend of mind visited Vancouver for the first time last weekend. We managed to get in every bit of fun starting with a hike in Deep Cove, a bike ride of Stanley Park’s Seawall, a walking tour of Gastown, Yaletown and False Creek, Granville Island and brunch in Kitsilano.


The Parlour pizza

Yaletown must | I checked out The Parlour for their infamous pizza a few weekends ago. My friend and I shared a pie and their take on roasted veggies – incredible baby potatoes, red pepper and asparagus. I already can’t wait to go back!


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