Friday Five Moments

It’s the weekend and I’m off to the Island for a wedding. I’m looking forward to attending a wedding as a guest, especially considering I’m not in the party and I’m a date, not a direct friend of. Now to put the finishing touches on my overnight bag. Here’s hoping for sunshine on Saturday. Enjoy!


Treat yo’self

Torta | This work of art is a favourite of mine at Italian Kitchen. Featuring a caramel milk chocolate crumble and flourless chocolate torte, it’s light, but rich enough to satisfy any sweet tooth.


Little person, big world

Kid’s shoppe | A friend of mine and I stumbled upon this store featuring an average sized door and miniature kid’s door. He insisted that I pose in front of it; this shot was caught mid chuckle as he thought the entire concept was a sight to see.


Round two

Bahama Mama | This plum shade by Essie is one of my all season faves as it blends perfectly with a few of my summer time staple wardrobe shades including blush, peach and navy.


Summer time, and the living is easy

Bear | On my last trip up Grouse, I took the gondola and caught the two resident grizzlies as they awoke from hibernation. This trip I hiked it for the first time (not stopping I managed a time of 51:13) and snapped this guy resting in the shade.



Let them eat cake | Urban Fair Yaletown put on a lovely display of edible florals; how gorgeous are these petal cakes?


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