Friday Five Moments

September long is upon us and after toying around with the idea of a trip to the Island, I’ve retired to the concept of staying home. Friday night I’ll be out with a few fitness friends, Saturday some shopping with my aunt and Sunday I’m meeting up with a friend for a kayaking adventure. Sprinkle in a little exercise and it sounds like an ideal weekend pour moi. Enjoy!



Garden goods | My Baba (grandmother) has got one impressive garden. Each year she bombards me with pounds and pounds of fresh, organic produce. This year I really leaned into the slight annoyance of getting too much and enjoyed eating a fresh fruit or vegetable of hers daily. The apples, pears, plums, grapes, tomatoes and zucchinis were warmly welcomed.


Lash length

neuLASH | I’ve experimented with a few lash growth serums including this one in the past. neuLASH is the latest and greatest (available at Nordstrom and The Bay in Canada) and all over the United States. This weekend I’m getting started with the application. After rave reviews, I’m hoping for some longer lashes myself.



INJAFit | I’ve been a member of INJAFit for 14 months now, and I’m thrilled to be starting a training program with them. In the past I’ve gotten assistance with my optimizing my diet for a healthy metabolism, so this time I can’t wait to start lifting their routine. I received this shipment of amazing quality Public Myth apparel and have since been living in it.



House add ons | B is seriously a challenge to shop for. He’s quite simple in nature and doesn’t favour material goods. Last year for his birthday I picked him up a custom Atlanta Falcons birthday cake, took him for steak and went rock climbing with him. This year we opted for a plush, genuine leather chair for our home and for his beloved football season. Although it’s not the floral print I had hoped for (as if), I don’t mind the creamy shade, as it complements our space well and is super comfy.


All the animals

Farm going | A summer throwback from a few weeks ago when B caught me playing with some sweet baby goats. This image instantly makes me smile and grateful that I get to spend time on a farm on the Sunshine Coast.


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