Friday Five Moments

It’s officially football season, and I never thought I’d say this, but, I’m thrilled about it. This weekend B and I planned a jam packed few days of reconnecting over pizza at our local hangout, a boat cruise in Vancouver and a visit to the West Vancouver Lighthouse. I hope it’s sunny where you are!


Fort Langley

Little town | I cannot get enough of Fort Langley. I first visited the historic town in grade school on an educational field trip here. Since then I frequent the village filled with antique shops, scenic river views and tasty bistros. I love this spot especially in the fall for their amazing farmer’s markets.


West Vancouver Lighthouse

Such great sights | This trail came highly recommended and took me right back to when I visited the Cape Scott Lighthouse. Gorgeous views and a sunny Saturday afternoon made this excursion picturesque.


Wrap heaven

Light lunch | This wrap from gluten free restaurant and brand Wendel’s was one to remember. Light curry flavour made this roasted turkey, apple and spinach wrap a perfect way to end a busy weekend alongside a close pal.


The hills

White Rock | The hills in White Rock are quite the feat. A friend of mine and I recently toured the town by foot and stopped at this sweet resting spot on a resident’s property; rather fitting considering the uphill grind.


Vancouver Harbour Tour

Tourists | B picked up tickets for this scenic Vancouver Harbour Cruise and we snuck in Saturday morning when we couldn’t have asked for better weather. View included all of Burrard, Gastown, the Lonsdale Quay, Stanley Park and Dead Man’s Island.


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