Friday Five Moments

I officially need a break. This summer feels unending as a I attempt to organize my life and lengthy to do list. This weekend kicks off with a Friday night going away party for a friend of mine, a Saturday spent market hopping and dining out and Sunday hiking through North Vancouver with a few girlfriends. Have a tremendous weekend!



Bears | I love this three quarter length vintage Chicago Bears top that B ordered me for football season. The Bears are my first choice team overall and of the NFC, while the Bengals are my AFC go to team. Remind me, how do I know this again?!



Light me up | I came home to a tidy apartment and these beauties the other day. B has been going the extra mile as of late by making weekend plans, surprising me with small gifts (see above two photos) and making me delicious steak dinner on Sunday nights. I can’t walk by a lily without stopping to smell it, so I love having my own at home.



Capitol Hill | North Burnaby’s Capitol Hill area is pristine. Rows of unique homes: old with character, new with modern touches, all complete with yards for days, the area is inspiring in a city filled with high rises. This house illuminated the entire street with its straight out of Italy feel, complete with running fountains and immaculate landscaping.



Headwaters | I walked along the Headwaters trail in North Vancouver on Sunday with a few colleagues turned girlfriends and their sweet pup, Luka. This well behaved guy loved the water and open trail, and I love spending time with him!


Seasonal scents

Home making |  Fall starts on Wednesday and this hand poured miniature candle was a must have during a recent shopping trip. It’s already a stay at home night time staple.


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