Friday Five Moments

What an extremely lovely September we’ve had. The weather in Vancouver has been nothing short of perfection as the leaves begin to line the pathways and the sunshine continues to glow. I have been enjoying the early sunsets and making the most of the heat. This weekend I’m hosting one of my most dear girlfriends and looking forward to a night out. I hope it’s beautiful where you are.

The Color Run | B and I joined my colleagues early Saturday morning for the traveling Color Run. The 5 kilometer was a blast and warranted the sushi and nap afterwards.



Peaches | This fun flash tattoo adorned my forearm all weekend. I caught a glimpse of it against my plush throw and newly lacquered peach shaded nails and ah ha, instant happiness.


Sun beam Espresso Tonic

Caritas 9 | I was recently introduced to a nearby neighbourhood cafe called Caritas 9. The coffee shoppe and roasters have a tasty menu item called an Espresso Tonic; tasty, full bodied espresso with tonic water. It’s absolutely amazing during the early days of autumn.


Essie Fall 2016

Now and Zen | My fall wardrobe cycles through gray and navy blue, so throwing Essie’s fresh fall colour, Now and Zen, on my toes just felt right.



Three for | I spent a few hours on Sunday in New West with my visiting mum, stepdad and Baba. Although they’re only a bot ride away, it never seems that I can get enough tie with them.


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