Favourites: Films & TV Shows

I've never been one for television show addictions, but as it get colder and colder, these ones have never lost their appeal (and have recently grabbed my attention): Sex and the City, because episodes get better the more they're watched The Big Bang Theory, a newer fave Criminal Minds, B and I used to wait … Continue reading Favourites: Films & TV Shows


Friday Five Moments

What a fun, full week. With my current announcement, annual strategy meeting at work and a fun past weekend spent with a friend seeing Girl on the Train, at Van Dusen's Halloween spectacle and making these cookies (check to number 15), I am feeling invigorated and energetic for the new year. This weekend is a random … Continue reading Friday Five Moments

An INJA Fit Announcement

Today is notably one of the best of 2016 for me. I am completely overwhelmed to announce my Brand Ambassador position with INJA Fit Fitness & Nutrition Coaching. I first connected with INJA after an awful bikini contest rebound in which I found myself helpless with no support. After straining some of my mot dear relationships, I … Continue reading An INJA Fit Announcement