An INJA Fit Announcement

Today is notably one of the best of 2016 for me. I am completely overwhelmed to announce my Brand Ambassador position with INJA Fit Fitness & Nutrition Coaching.

I first connected with INJA after an awful bikini contest rebound in which I found myself helpless with no support. After straining some of my mot dear relationships, I reached out  to INJA and since that day in June 2015, I’ve experience such growth. I couldn’t be more excited for my next chapter as I enroll in a nutrition class and help those around me on their personal paths to their best selves.

So, in order to celebrate this, I’ve decided to get uncomfortable and share my initial photos (no makeup or filter, messy hair and untidy house) along with my to date photos. With the goal of building lean muscle, performing minimal cardio and eating as much as possible, huge change has happened for me and incredible habits have been formed. A heartfelt thanks goes to those closest to me and to my INJA Fit family.


If you, or if someone you know needs help with learning to love their bodies exactly as they are, or perhaps to unleash their inner athlete, let me know. Fitness and food are meant to be fun.

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