Friday Five Moments

What a fun, full week. With my current announcement, annual strategy meeting at work and a fun past weekend spent with a friend seeing Girl on the Train, at Van Dusen’s Halloween spectacle and making these cookies (check to number 15), I am feeling invigorated and energetic for the new year. This weekend is a random assortment including dinner with a friend, a workout with a colleague and a visit to my chiro. Enjoy your weekend!



Freshest | I picked up a pair of Reebok Crossfit Nano 4.0′ years ago and I finally outwore them. These dark shaded lavender and pink beauties (Nano 6.0 in case you’re shopping) are ideal for the big lifts at the gym.



Van Dusen Glow | B and I visited Van Dusen Glow, the garden’s Halloween festival. Although the event was limited in space (they used only a small portion of the garden), it was packed with quality carved pumpkins. Visit my Twitter to see some of the artistic gourds.


Wellington Chocolate Factory

NZ | Wellington Chocolate Factory creates craft chosoalte bars from bean to bear. My globetrotting pal Kev picked me this uniquely packages bar from New Zealand which I can’t wait to try. Shop the brand.

img_20161101_200041.jpgLioness | My favourite holiday of the year means that no matter how minor the costume, it’s getting worn. This Simba getup featuring ears, a tail and a tribal skirt checked the box for Halloween this year, although, albeit, just barely. Last year’s was much better.



Model S | After a few years of serious consideration, my sister and brother in law purchased their first Tesla Model S. The navy blue with gorgeous tan interior are no match for her smile. I couldn’t be more proud to see loved ones accomplishing their goals and dreams.


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