Friday Five Moments

My parents are in town this weekend and we’ve got a full to do list including visiting Van Dusen’s Festival of Lights, The Peak of Christmas at Grouse Mountain and a number of meals out. I plan on trying to tackle the Vancouver Christmas Market, too. The holidays are in full swing and although I’m not ready gift wise, I feel good about how my time has been spent. Check out my Twitter for more photos! Have a great weekend, everyone.


First snowfall

Walking in a winter wonderland | I’ve been walking to and from work since November 1. Although the commute can be frustrating (leaving home earlier and getting home later), the season’s first snowfall and accompanying icy cold weather reminds me just how lovely nature is. This was shot in a park I pass through daily. The snow and sunshine trump the wind and rain for me any day.


Homemade fudge

Lucky | A family friend of ours is a superb confectionery creation wizard. Each time I visit the Island I am lucky enough to get to sample her sugary treats. This homemade fudge was next level; nothing says I love the holidays like peanut buttery goodness.



Four Mile ‘zza | Last weekend a big group of us headed to the Four Mile Pub (which is a site in its annual Christmas decor, see below) and I ordered this baby: spinach, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, chicken and cheese. I’m a tough sell on pizza (Cotto is my one and only) but this ‘zza was totally worth it and will have me back again.



Four Mile done up | As mentioned above, if you’re on Vancouver Island be sure to check out the restaurant and pub at Four Mile. The annual decorations don’t disappoint… and nor do the adult friendly hot beverages!


Charitable fun run

Weekend hustle | I managed to complete two holiday fun runs benefiting various charities. This candid shot sums up the weekend: Silly costumes daily and plenty of fun fitness.


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