Friday Five Moments

As I sit at home, relaxing, tidying and packing for a week long stint in Victoria, I can’t help but be grateful for the year past. Albeit 2016 wasn’t my favourite with its many challenges, I do feel happiness in my career growth, fitness and health process and family ties. To wrap up the week, here are a few festive moments. Merry Christmas everyone, and I’ll be back on the blog next week.


Starbucks cafe

Tradition | I’ve never been one to fan over dressing up gingerbread, but B loves it. This year we made a Starbucks themed cafe and as usual the best part was watching him eat the candy and icing.



Cards | A collection of cards collected this past season.


The season

Remembering Candytown | B and I sitting on ice sculpture thrones. This was our first year at Yaletown’s Candytown and won’t be our last.


Just five minutes

2017 | A gift from my boss to get me into the habit of journaling in which I am able to reflect on my daily gratitudes, intentions for the day and outcomes, both in the morning and evening.


Hyatt Houses

Vancouver tour | After missing the Robon Street ice skating rink due to a failed generator, B and I choose to visit the Four Seasons’ Christmas tree display and the Hyatt’s gingerbread contest. This beauty, titled Sugar Mountain, was number one for me for it’s great detail.


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