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Friday Five Moments

January has been the fasted moving month I've experienced in some time. My career is keeping me on my toes more than ever, I am working diligently on staying connected to those important around me and I'm vacation dreaming for the year. B and I have been making time to visit open houses on the … Continue reading Friday Five Moments


Friday Five Moments

I have been running full tilt since January 3 and to be honest, I'm doing whatever it takes to keep up. Between new work responsibilities and flowing personal to do lists, I am just keeping afloat. This weekend has me reflecting on some personal goal to share with my life coach, catching up with a … Continue reading Friday Five Moments

Hello, 2017! New Years Goals

Happy 2017, everyone! For me, 2016 was all about not having any goals, which until about November, I did really well with. This year I've got another limited list of goals to be conquered and celebrations to be had. Enjoy and let me know yours in the comment section! Work on my career development by … Continue reading Hello, 2017! New Years Goals