Friday Five Moments

I have been running full tilt since January 3 and to be honest, I’m doing whatever it takes to keep up. Between new work responsibilities and flowing personal to do lists, I am just keeping afloat. This weekend has me reflecting on some personal goal to share with my life coach, catching up with a few girlfriends and dining out with B. I hope your 2017 has been sensational so far!

Fresh pedicure in Satin Sister by Essie

Winter toes | To pull me through the next few months I selected Satin Sister by Essie, an ebony peacock which from afar looks black/navy, but up close is a rich turquoise.

Vancouver Canucks games

We Are All Canucks | I hit up my very first Canucks game in which the Nucks beat the Flames for their sixth straight W. A special shout out to my darling friend Lisa for suggesting the game and for taking this photo.


OPI SS/17′ | I received the entire 12 colour OPI FIJI spring summer 2017 collection from Nova Beauty and cannot wait to try out Suzi Without A Paddle, a lovely mint blue. Needless to say the girls at work had their eyes on a shade or two, too!

INJA Fit Public Myth apparel

INJA wear | I have quite the growing collection of INJA x Public Myth fitness attire, but these Bamboo Tanks are my favourite and a must have. Soft, breathable and stylish I have them in nearly every colour! The pants (seen here as Cobra Legging) are ideal for workouts. They don’t move and they’re super slimming.

Damask laundry hamper

Laundry hamper | You know you’re an adult when a simple laundry hamper makes you happy. B constantly jokes that I rent the washing machine by tossing in my dirty clothes as they come. I finally found one suitable to end the necessary jokes!


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