Paris Metro card

Friday Five Moments

TGIF. What a week it was for me. After giving nearly everything I’ve got to the team at work, I’m looking forward to celebrating Family Day long weekend and B and I’s fourth anniversary. Happy Friday, everyone!

Steak at Cafe Medina

Snowfall & steak | I finally got to grab breakfast at Medina in downtown Vancouver. I met a girlfriend last snowy Saturday morning for steak, cheesy potatoes and an amazing side salad. I’ll be sure to be back (go early to avoid the lengthy queue!)

Macaroons at Thierry Vancouver

Perfect pair | Because nothing, and I mean nothing, beats Thierry for dessert. These two are the perfect pair: Coffee and Maple Pecan goodness.

New black slide shoes

Heeled | These affordable additions are perfect for everything from denim to skinny dress pants and dresses. I love them for the transition between winter and spring.

Paris Metro card

Paris | Since the New Year hit, I’ve been nothing short of vacation crazy. I’ve been making lists of where I’ve been, as to not forget, and imagining up a bucket list of destinations I must see. Paris, is for sure on that list.

Spread meal for a friend

Bites | My girlfriend Sarah and I spent Saturday night in getting caught up on life’s events and snacking. Although I’m no award winning hostess, it felt so nice to put out some snacks and mineral water for us including tasty dried pineapple and my homemade guacamole.


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