Past in Paris postcard

Friday Five Moments

The past two weeks have been a complete blur, but today more than ever, I feel so grateful for those around me, my family and friends, and for B. I’m looking forward to a weekend spent resting. Now, if only it were Friday! Enjoy the rest of your week.

Pink bouquet

Pink | I was excited enough to see a friend of mine this past Thursday evening for an after work refreshment, but when she greeted my with the sweetest, smallest bouquet, my excitement grew that much more. These beauties are still going strong on my living room table.

Past in Paris postcard

CDG | Paris on my mind with this recent post card sent from a dear friend.

Cotto Enoteca salmone pizza

Leisurely | B and I have been touring open houses nonstop, so last Saturday’s pizza pit stop was a welcome break from the manic marketplace.

Penny kitchen floor

Coin | These pennies lined the eccentric kitchen of an apartment B and I visited this weekend. I just loved the mix of the pennies, backlash and appliances. This one wasn’t for us, but it sure was a sight.

Sub penthouse | The view from the top of an apartment we visited in Burnaby.

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