Bridal presents

Friday Five Moments

March has flown by unbelievably quickly and this week was no exception. This weekend marks my 27 birthday and all I could really ask for is a good meal (plus some cake, naturally) and a walk oceanside. Enjoy your Friday!

Wallpaper in the house that wasn't

The one that wasn’t | B and I fell for this one bedroom, downtown New West apartment with its charming character, wall paper included. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be for us, but I know something better was.

Paris travel book

Oui oui | I found this card and suiting travel book as an early birthday gift from my aunt in Agassiz. I can’t wait to dig into what Paris has to offer!

Bridal presents

Newlyweds | Next weekend I’m heading to a darling friend’s bridal shower on the Coast. Because I won’t be able to attend her Mexico wedding this spring, I’m even more excitied to get a little face time with the bride to be.

Rose from a stranger

Grocery store acquaintance | Late last week after my weekly market haul I realized a woman behind me in the queue with three items, I instantly removed my belongings from the belt and allowed her to go ahead of me. Before leaving she thanked me and handed me one of her dozen roses. And there is all the proof I need that some kindness among strangers does still exist.


Eric Church live

Chief | I’ve been fortunate enough to see a decent amount of concerts in my lifetime. The ones that come to mind include Justin Timberlake and Timbaland, Rhianna, Lady Gaga, Brad Paisley and Blake Shelton. Tuesday night from 8:30-12 p.m. Eric Church shook Rogers Arena and as if I didn’t love and respect him enough, I do more now. Wow.



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