And I’m 27: 19 Ways I’ve Grown in The Past Year

  1. Purchased my first condo!
  2. Blogged a bunch (44 posts in 2016 to unexpectedly match 2015 )
  3. Had the most enjoyable holiday season as an adult purely due to the time spent at home with family and close friends
  4. I am stronger than ever: I’m deadlifting 220 pounds, and working my way closer to body weight pullups
  5. Realized that I’ve traveled a decent amount since birth: Through BC, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. To Mexico, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Germany and areas of Washington, New York, Hawaii, Nevada. Next on my list is Oregon, Massachusetts and of course more of Europe
  6. Made a tradition around dessert at Thierry
  7. Became a Brand Ambassador for INJA Fit
  8. Went to my first Canucks game
  9. Celebrated four years dating B and seven years of friendship
  10. Worked with my life coach for the fifth year in a row (I started with her in 2012!)
  11. Enjoyed a full family photo shoot in late 2015 and currently planning a full family vacation for 2017
  12. Spent time in Alberta for the third consecutive year
  13. Cleaned up my Facebook and Twitter social media accounts; posted my professional writing on LinkedIn with frequency
  14. Began journaling as a means to express my thoughts and emotions
  15. Booked a trip to charming Paris, this fall
  16. Took on a support role to develop a presentation for a business conference this April
  17. Started using the Blinkist app thanks to a friend and it’s a must have
  18. Continued to nurture and build a strong, supportive group of friends who both inspire and comfort me
  19. Was captivated by Eric Church live in concert

27th birthday


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