Friday Five Moments

B and I are officially settled in the new place. I’m looking forward to a a weekend of partying with a friend from Victoria, getting my nails done and getting a massage. Happy Friday!

Market season

Dragonfruit | A bright bundle of dragonfruits at the farm market is a sign of sunshine to come.


Vancouver Candle Co. | This candle was a gift and the first that I’ve owned from Vancouver Candle Co. I love the citrus smell I fall asleep and wake up to on my bedside table.

Kitchen additions

Pastels | A housewarming spring scarf and utensil set from a friend who chooses to celebrate all of my accomplishments.


Party, party | I caught up with a few friends I hadn’t seen in years in downtown Vancouver at the TallGrass party. The celebration featured acrobats, break and burlesque dancers, a brass band and a whole lot of laughs.


Sunday | I spent Sunday morning relaxing with an Americano at a new salon getting a mani, pedi and massage. The experience set the tone for a relaxing day ahead.


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