Feest Vancouver candle

Friday Five Moments

This week was filled with me time: Getting to know my new neighbourhood by foot as I ran some of New West’s most grueling hills, catching up over nightly phone calls and plenty of time spent reading and writing. I’m looking forward to seeing B again this weekend as he returns from Mexico. Hope yours is great!

Cotto Enoteca Pizzeria with mum

Dining date | A three hour long dinner at local fave Cotto with my visiting parents and family friend Darren.

Congrats cards for our new home

Warm & tingly | Sweet messages welcoming B and I into out new home (how adorable is that kitten?!)

Cacao 70 dessert Vancouver

Coma a la chocolate | Saturday night apres dinner dessert at thee place for chocolate. My choice? Roasted marshmallows, whip cream and peanut butter.

North Vancouver waterfalls

Rush | Sunday explorations with my visiting family who love to get out in nature took us to North Vancouver’s Cleveland Dam which was a rush. So much so that I took a step back; luckily I got to use this photo, credit to my mum.

Feest Vancouver candle

Cozy | I spent Sunday mid morning at North Vancouver’s Fall For Local show featuring amazing Vancouver based artisans. I went to support a friend’s budding business and walked away with this intoxicating candle. The blend is calming and romantic; perfect for the long grey days we’ve been having.


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