Cloverdale Rodeo bucking broncos

Friday Five Moments

With our keystone marketing event this weekend at Hastings Racecourse, I’m feeling fulfillment from the work I’ve put in to make it a success. Here’s to the sunshine and warm weather!

Glenbrook Ravine Park

Ravine | Right behind my home is a lush ravine. I explored it last weekend erring to the left. Next up is an adventure to see what the right holds.

Cloverdale Rodeo bucking broncos

The Rodeo |  Last weekend was the first time I had experienced Canada’s second largest Rodeo in Cloverdale. The event was fun, entertaining and energizing.

Organic, home grown berries

Garden sweets |  B has added a number of plants to both the inside and outside of our place. His berry plant produced its first strawberry in last weekend’s heat after no shortage of rain.

Essie Ruffles and Feathers

Essie fave | One of my top five faves by Essie, this creamy emerald is mermaid material.

ClimbBase5 rock climbing

Climbing | I confirmed my love for rock climbing this past Friday during my second session ever. This time I made it to the top of a swaying rope and tried my hand at bouldering. There’s something so freeing about using your leg power to get you to the top. And that completion feeling? So satisfying.


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