Rootcellar, Victoria BC peonies

Friday Five Moments

This week floated by after a long weekend on the Island and an awards gala on Thursday evening. This weekend I’m looking forward to getting back to basics: Leisurely morning coffee walks, fitness, reading and writing. Enjoy your few days!

Hastings Racecourse candy bar

Candy buffet | The highlight of this year’s marquee event was our branded, nostalgic candy buffet in which guests were given takeout boxes as parting gifts filled with their favourite sweets.

Fleming Beach, Victoria, BC

Trails | To think I ever took my childhood neighbourhood for granted with views like this is unfathomable.

Inner Harbour, Victoria BC

Dusk | Walking the Inner Harbour and Dallas Road with a dear friend and taking in views like the one above.



Go Go Geisha | A Saturday morning spent with mum for a belated Mother’s Day celebration started with espresso and ended with a sugar scrub and fresh polish by Essie. I loved this vintage mauve as a near nude neutral for my skintone.

Rootcellar, Victoria BC peonies

Rootcellar | The most richly coloured red peonies at Rootcellar Grocer.


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