Canada 150 at Jack Poole Plaza

Friday Five Moments

It’s been a week. Strike that, it’s been a few weeks. I’m looking forward to a weekend out with new friends, at the gym, getting a much needed massage and taking in my first Vancouver Canadians game. Enjoy yours!

Fort Langley Farmer's Market flowers

Brighten up | I rarely get flowers from B because I don’t think it’s necessary. He insisted that I choose a bunch and these ones are still going strong one week later.

Fort Langley Farmer's Market Jam Shack Preservery jams

Market finds | Fresh berry jams from last weekend’s market stop which I have yet to dig into.

Canada 150 at Jack Poole Plaza

Canada 150 | Celebrating Canada’s 150 birthday in Jack Poole Plaza after an early dinner.

Homemade pasta ingredients

In the kitchen | I’ve never been a pasta person. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just not a go to of mine, nor something I would order. That said, I’ve been throwing a variety of ingredients together once weekly to make a batch of pasta and last weeks was wonderful. Sundried tomato pesto, tuna, cheese, arugula, capers and asparagus and ta da! Deliciousness.

Homemade cupcake unicorn cake

Cupcake cake | My friend whipped up this individual cupcake cake for her daughter’s unicorn themed birthday party. Adorable and so easy to serve!


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