New artwork

Friday Five Moments

It’s the weekend and two of my closest friends are here to celebrate Canada 150 with B and I. I can’t wait to explore Stanley Park on bicycle, walk through Gastown and Yaletown, take in the Granville Island Market, pop by White Rock and Steveston, head up Quarry Rock and grab a bite on Main Street. Happy Canada Day, all and thanks to those who serve to preserve our glorious nation.

Vancouver Canadians baseball game

Vancouver Canadians | B invited me to my first ever live baseball game this past Sunday. It’s still not my favourite sport, but was the perfect setting for a sunny, social Sunday.

New artwork

Sweetness | A print I picked up for an upcoming project too charming to pass by.

Dining room table and chairs

Dining room | B and I’s table came as a refinished gift, with chairs I couldn’t stand. What I lacked in love for the chairs, I triple made up for in love for the table; I refused to trade it for a matching set. It took me three months to find what I was looking for: Wood, previously loved, shabby chairs without arms. I’m thrilled for the change and anxious to finish up the rest of the space.

Fridays with new friends

Fridays | Cactus Club on a Friday with a few industry connections lead to many laughs and a late night.

Ravine succulents

Succulent park | I’m still exploring my new neighbourhood and recently walked the other way into the ravine to be greeted by a serene garden, pond and flourishing succulents.


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