Friday Five Moments

August got here in a hurry and while I’ve been anxiously awaiting it, I’m not anticipating an end to this weather. Here’s hoping the warmth which greeted us in July stays. Happy August Long weekend and Civic Day to our provincial pals!

New West Salmonbellies lacrosse game


Lacrosse | Last week was wildly fun as I stepped outside of my comfort zone with a mid week massage on Wednesday, a Salmonbellies game (the last before playoffs where they cleaned house!) on Thursday and Friday evening spent in the sunshine at the Quay.


House guest

More warm wishes | My pal and Paris traveling buddy visited this past weekend and thoughtfully wrote B and I a card on home ownership along with a gift card to purchase something for the space.


Rainbow bicycles

7 speed | A colourful collection of 7 speeds for Vancouver rides.


Bite size

My kind of sandwich | Because B can’t pass a macaroon stand without getting me a few. Of these two, peanut butter and candied pecan, the latter won my heart.


Featuring greenery

Pastels on Granville | Pastels as far as the eye can see at a new to me floral stand on Granville.


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