Yet another Pierre Hermé macaroon

Eating in Paris

All of the goodness that I ate in Paris! Bolded italics are mmy personal favourites and suggestions when visiting the city of love.

Monday, September 4
We arrived on Monday, jetlagged, to share half a baguette accompanied by fig and nut brie cheese, raspberry and apricot jam, tomato and greens before hitting the streets. I finished the day with a pain au chocolat.

Parisian breakfast

Daily breakfast

Tuesday, September 5
On our first full day I enjoyed an entire baguette to myself (after realizing I had zero problems with wheat) brie, jam, tomato and greens. We later visited L’As du Fallafel, an overall trip favourite of mine in the Le Marais area where we stayed. I opted for a chicken wrap followed by a chocolate mouse and praline torte. A few hours later we headed off for a long walk and I test tried the highly recommended Berthillon ice cream in hazelnut, salted caramel and my personal favourite, honey nut.

Boulangerie La Parisienne

Sweet treats

Dinner at L'As du Fallafel

Chicken wrap from L’As du Fallafel

Wednesday, September 6
This morning started out with a sunrise view of the Eiffel Tower. I had fig yogurt and an orange brioche to start the day, followed by a wild blueberry crumble pastry, baguette, strawberry jam, brie cheese from a fromagerie in the Latin Quarter market, tomato and greens. Make sure you visit Le Fournil de Mouffetard for any of their bread or pastries, you won’t regret it. I had an RXBAR to tide me over until dinner at Restaurant L’Ange 20 which I highly, highly suggest you visit.

Orange brioche from Huré

Brioche breakfast

Coffee pit stop

Mini Americano

Le Fournil de Mouffetard wild blueberry crumble

Le Fournil de Mouffetard wild blueberry crumble

Terres De Cafe to go

Coffee, to go

Dry, tasty champagne

Dry and tasty, GRUET

Prawn and angel hair pasta at Restaurant L'Ange 20

Course one

Duck and chicken gizzard at Restaurant L'Ange 20

Course two

Baked brie at Restaurant L'Ange 20

Course three

Cream dessert at Restaurant L'Ange 20


Thursday, September 7
Another typical start of baguette, brie, jam, tomato and greens, plus a few scrambled eggs. I tried my first Pierre Hermé macaron in hazelnut praline and it was by far the very best macaron I’d ever had. Later I tried the obligatory Ladurée macaron in chocolate and orange and would rate it as the worst I’ve ever had (yep, grocery stores do it better). Before taking off for a long night of exploring I had my first crepe filled with banana, Nutella and hazelnut and wrapped up the night for the second time at L’As du Fallafel.

Coffee from our local bakery, Huré


Peirre Herme macarons

The very best macaron I’ve ever had…

Laduree macarons

And the exact opposite!

Nutella, banana, hazelnut crepe

Street food

Friday, September 8
This morning started with two fig yogurts, baguette, with brie and blackberry jam. After a few hours of walking we grabbed a chocolate almond croissant and two more Pierre Hermé macarons, another one in hazelnut praline and one in Brazilian coffee. The evening wrapped up with dinner at Les Antiquaires where I had duck, potatoes and mushrooms.

The very best almond chocolate croissant in Paris

Le Fournil de Mouffetard almond chocolate croissant

Pierre Herme macaroons again

Hazelnut Praline

Les Antiquaires Paris

Duck at Les Antiquaires Paris

Saturday, September 9
Saturday morning started with wild blueberry jam and brie on baguette, fig yogurt and a Lara Lemon bar. After many hours of walking we hit up our local bakery for a Nutella brownie before taking off to La Hanger for dinner and rose… and L’Ange 20 for dessert yet again.

Nutella brownie from Huré

Huré Nutella brownie

Honey chicken and black rice from La Hanger

Dinner at La Hanger

Dry Rose at La Hanger
Sunday, September 10
Our last official day in Paris started with a few scrambled eggs in olive oil, one fig yogurt, baguette, brie and jam. Go big or go home was my motto so the rest of the day consisted of trip favourites: An almond croissant and wild blueberry crumble pastry from Le Fournil de Mouffetard, a Pierre Hermé macaron and a Haagen Dazs scoop of honey cream walnut with whip before our third and final time at L’As du Fallafel.

Coffee at Le Pain Quotidien

A sip from Coffee at Le Pain Quotidien

Yet another Pierre Hermé macaroon

The flavours at Pierre Hermé

Haagen Dazs Paris

Honey Walnut Cream

Monday, September 11
One final baguette with brie and jam for breakfast and an almond chocolate croissant and Nutella croissant for the ten hour plane ride home!


3 thoughts on “Eating in Paris

  1. Jillian Alexander says:

    I’ve heard the wheat products in Europe are much more stomach friendly for people who typically have issues with wheat. Happy you got to enjoy!

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