New indoor plants

Friday Five Moments

After a long week, I’m so looking forward to a weekend spend at the BC Lions game with friends and getting caught up with household admin and rest. Happy November!

The Sun and Her Flowers book


Poetry | A friend of mine visited this past week and brought a book by poet Rupi Kaur. Each night I read a few poems – I love the peaceful pace to fall asleep to verus a business book. I also love her remembering my interest in Rupi after telling her only once, months ago.

Zimt Chocolates

Stock up

Zimt | Incredibly low carb and low fat luxury chocolates from a friend.

Halloween in the neighbourhood

Halloween in the hood

Neighbours | The new neighbourhood really lit up this season with nearly every home, decorated. From ghosts hanging in trees to clowns climbing out of graves, I loved the energy in the complex.

Sidewalks on Halloween


Treating | We spent Halloween this year with friends and their kids touring through Richmond, collecting candy.

New indoor plants

Lively additions

Blooms | Florals from a dear friend. I especially love the white orchid with soft pink underneath its petals.


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