Bon Macaron assortment

Friday Five Moments

My birthday weekend was nothing less than blissful. I spent the days dining, walking trails and getting all caught up with my visiting parents. I’m looking forward to a slower paced weekend ahead with the highlight being dinner with friends.


Sunshine & caffeine

Commercial Drive kick it | Walking along The Drive après lunch with my parents in the chilly air, but beautiful sunshine.

Bon Macaron assortment

Bright bites

101 flavours | Of all of my chosen flavours, salted caramel, coffee, tiramisu, creme brulee, early grey and raspberry coconut, creme brulee was my favourite.

Birthday gelato

Because birthdays

Gelato | One scoop is never too much, right?

A few of my birthday gifts

Pretty things

Shiny | New stationary to write and organize my wedding thoughts, a feather to hold my bijous and the most dainty gold, pavé bangle from B.

OPI Lisbon Spring 2018

Gifts galore

Spoiled | The new Spring 2018 OPI Lisbon collection, Joico Body and Beach Shake, saucy socks, a wallet I’d wanted, Starbucks gift card and stocked cupboards. BRB, painting my nails!


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