Mailed magazine clippings

Friday Five Moments

The past week was a good one. My summer plans have taken shape, I’m halfway through my nutrition program, my training is on point, wedding ideas are formulating and work is going really well. I’m looking forward to hosting friends this weekend and bike riding the city. Enjoy!

Queen's Park petting zoo

Baby calf

Snuggles | I wasn’t about to miss the short time frame that the annual baby calf visited the Queen’s Park Petting Zoo, nearby where I live. This adorable little guy will only visit for another week or two before he outgrows the space.

Granville Island macarons

Bon Macaron

Flavours | B and I recently rode Stanley Park to Granville Island for the first time together this year. The ride is one of my favourite summer activities in Vancouver and always includes macarons.

Mailed magazine clippings

Card stock

Mailed inspo | A thought provoking magazine article on finding your way and why from a pal.

Dog walking Saturday

Pup sitters

Saturday strolls | Last weekend B and I dog sat for our neighbour. This happy fur ball was the sweetest addition to any weekend.

Aunty announcement


Aunty announcement | My older sister, and one of my favourite people, is expecting her first baby in September. I popped out to Edmonton to visit in May and am looking forward to another brief visit in July.


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