Well, hello, hello…
My name is Deana Srdic, and was born and raised in lovely Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, as a first generation Canadian. Both sides of my family are originally from Miljevci, Bosnia. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, with a major in Marketing Communications Management, and have a perpetual admiration for learning. I started All Things (Business) Beautiful as a class project in September 2012 as an arena to observe marketing campaigns and share my input. Since then, I have contributed to my blog frequently sharing beauty products reviews, goals, personal moments throughout the week, and even dabbled in recipes and fashion. This blog is a place to document pleasure; health and wellness, personal growth goals, beauty must haves and marketing morsels. I hope All Things (Business) Beautiful inspires readers to take baby steps towards bettering themselves and allows them to uncover their inner passions; it sure has encouraged me.

Deana Srdic tutu

A collection of fun facts…
Nicknames | D, De, Dee, Bumble Dee, Pastel Princess, Vitamin D, Chimp, Samantha Jones
Go to cocktail | French 75
Guilty pleasure | Dark chocolate trail mixes, pumpkin, peanut butter and sushi
Utterly addicted to | Weight lifting
Favorite colors | Any shade of gold, blush pink, creamy white, beige and gray neutrals
Choice outfit | Dresses hold a special place in my heart. More casually, I choose straight legged denim, cozy knits and heels all worn with some element of fur
I am a recovering vegetarian; ten years later and I’m back on meat!

Deana Srdic photo


These are a few of my favorite things…
INJA Fit Fitness & Nutrition Coaching, Sponsored Lifestyle Athlete
Fashion wise, I adore sequin, pastels, leopard, floral print, zippers, chiffon, gold, and fur – anything eccentric!
Business development books, I love Start With Why by Simon Senik and the classic Seven Habits by Stephen Covey
Beauty products; what girl doesn’t love cosmetics?!
Poetry, reading and writing
Black coffee
Pink lipstick

About Deana Srdic


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