Personal post: Inspiration

Here's what's been inspiring me of late. What's the worst thing that could happen? // It's a question that's been on my mind. I know I can sometimes feel paralyzed by fear and walk the safe side of the fence, completely risk adverse. That said, I recently got into The Minimalists podcast, a recommend from … Continue reading Personal post: Inspiration

Stanley Park sunset

Personal post: Inspiration

It's been a goal of mine for far too long to start sharing more personal posts in this space. After recently reflecting on my goals, I noticed that I had a date of July 31, 2018 to begin. I easily came up with this piece on inspiration. I'm looking forward to pushing my boundaries and … Continue reading Personal post: Inspiration

Hello, 28: Year in Review

In honour of tradition, 19 accomplishments and experiences since my past birthday. 1. Got engaged and celebrated five years with B 2. Started a new job in digital communications 3. Worked with more small businesses as a freelancer 4. Visited Paris 5. Started my second year as a sponsored athlete and brand ambassador for INJAFit … Continue reading Hello, 28: Year in Review