Taking on 2018

We're a month in and I'm ready to share what I've got in store for 2018. Comment below and share yours! Budget wisely: Avoid impulse purchases and ill fitting clothing, focusing on my capsule wardrobe. Add photos to my gallery wall. Read: All In (finally!) and The Year of Less. Complete one chapter every two … Continue reading Taking on 2018

Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park


On December 12, 2017, B asked me to to marry him. The twelfth of each month is particularly special to us both, so to him, it only made sense to wrap up 2017, after nearly five years together, asking for forever. We walked the path we'd walked many time before, coffee in hand, through Burnaby … Continue reading Together

Palais Garnier 5

Sightseeing in Paris Part Two

As a continuation of last week's post, I'm sharing my experience in Paris. Thursday, September 7 Galerie Vivienne Presidential Palace Champs-Elysées Arc De Triomphe L'église Sainte-Marie-Madeleine Les Invalides Rodin Museum Evening in Montmartre Le mur des je t'aime Friday, September 8 Jardin du Luxembourg Sainte Chapelle Conciergerie Panthéon Latin Quarter Market Jardins des Plantes Musée d'Orsay … Continue reading Sightseeing in Paris Part Two

Eiffel Tower from Tour Montparnasse

Sightseeing in Paris Part One

This week, I'm enthused to share the sights from my recent trip to Paris. Due to the length of my visit, the latter part of the week will be featured in next week's blog. Bolded italics are must sees when visiting the city of love. Monday, September 4 Le Marais Jardin du Luxembourg Latin Quarter Notre-Dame … Continue reading Sightseeing in Paris Part One