Turning 29

March. Spring signifies a time of refresh and renewal. The term spring cleaning, the birth of baby animals and the ground breaking as petals emerge. It's a time of particular importance to me to unwind over an espresso and consider what the past year has taught me and the the opportunities I've been gifted. Here's … Continue reading Turning 29

Davis Bay

Snapshots: The Holidays

This year was the second that I spent with B and his family, and we undoubtedly made the most of the eleven day stretch away from work. We started the holidays with a dinner celebrating one year since we got engaged, graduated to the Sunshine Coast, then took a float plane to Nanaimo to meet … Continue reading Snapshots: The Holidays

Personal post: Inspiration

Here's what's been inspiring me of late. What's the worst thing that could happen? // It's a question that's been on my mind. I know I can sometimes feel paralyzed by fear and walk the safe side of the fence, completely risk adverse. That said, I recently got into The Minimalists podcast, a recommend from … Continue reading Personal post: Inspiration