The Ingénue: Marketing Nicole, by Nicole Richie, the fragrance

A seemingly scandalous past may still haunt Nicole Richie, but to me, she’s always been a sweetly coated rebel. The thirty-one year old, reformed bad girl has a brand new life to be proud of; a husband, two children, three fashion lines, a coveted spot on television’s hit series Fashion Star and a brand new … Continue reading The Ingénue: Marketing Nicole, by Nicole Richie, the fragrance


Don’t Bubble Wrap Me: The Internet’s sneaky ways

Visit or other on-line presentation site. Find a topic that interests you, and listen to the speech / presentation. If the presentation does not capture your attention, move on to another until you find one that does. Link to the presentation that captured your imagination. Keeping the elements of writing for the eye and … Continue reading Don’t Bubble Wrap Me: The Internet’s sneaky ways

Advertising Campaigns: Memorable and Mesmerizing

Write about an advertising campaign that you think was particularly effective. Why did the campaign resonate with you in terms of message, design and medium? Compare this to a campaign you dislike? Based on communication management principles, what would you do to improve the effectiveness of the campaign you don’t like? Are you thinking what … Continue reading Advertising Campaigns: Memorable and Mesmerizing

Model Mayhem: A PR Crisis

Write about a public relations crisis and your impression of how it was handled. Or, your impressions of a corporate communications issue you are familiar with. Did the communications consider all publics? What might you have done differently? In 2006, Uruguayan model, Luisel Ramos died. And it all happened only minutes after stepping off of … Continue reading Model Mayhem: A PR Crisis