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Friday Five Moments

Last weekend was peachy with a visit to Fort Langley, plenty of time in the sun and a solid workout (pre-pedicure). This weekend I'm off to visit my sister in Edmonton. Enjoy Victoria Day long to all my fellow Canadians! YYJ point | A throwback to early season flowers at the entrance of Saxe Point, a … Continue reading Friday Five Moments

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Here's what I'm into in the moment. From left: 1. Fawlty Towers // After watching The Party, a film from the late 60's with my family, they suggested I watch John Cleese's Fawlty Towers. I love the characters and their unique charms and the overall wit of the 1970's comedy. 2 and 3. Barefoot Venus … Continue reading Currently

Product Feature Friday: Skeyndor MyMASK

Imagine having visibly improved skin after only five minutes. I kid you not, it's attainable with Skeyndor's MyMASK. So, if you're like me and love beauty regimes but lack the patience, this skincare live is for you. With three options, there's something for every skin type, age and end goal. Dark Charcoal: Purifying mask My … Continue reading Product Feature Friday: Skeyndor MyMASK